Share & Win

Hey, Dear Makers!

We are all makers, born that way, and our innovative project can change the world!

It's not so much that we respect every project as that we value every effort and creativity. We know that every project is not easy, so we hope to help you share your achievements and joy through this activity.

Whether you are a naive child, a diligent student or a hard-working adult, everyone has a creative dream in their heart. We have always respected and cared for these dreams. Now we would like to call on you to share your dream!

Elecrow is launching an award-winning electronic maker project sharing competition to encourage everyone to share their own electronic projects.

Maybe now that we’ve got your attention, let us give you a bit more information.


All electronic makers regardless of age and gender are welcome to participate, and there is no limit to the parts used in your project.

How to enter:

1. Share your electronic project on your social media (facebook, instagram, tiktok, pinterest, twitter).

2. Include the hashtag #ElecrowMaker in your post.

For example as below:

Entry time:

From now to September 15.

We’ll spend some time enjoying all of your submissions, and then we’ll choose a lucky fellow to take home some amazing prizes, Elecrow will give different rewards according to the final number of participants.

In this activity, we encourage you to share different electronic projects more than once. Finally, we will make a comprehensive selection based on factors including design philosophy, creativity and popularity. We hope this activity will give you happiness and a sense of accomplishment!